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How to Order

It's very easy...

    1. Fill out the Order Form. You can fill it out right on the screen and send it by email or print it out. There are options at the botom of the page. If you email it, be sure to include your information in your package so we know who sent it. You can also print a shipping label with our address on it.

    2. Box up your materials and along with your order form, send it to the address on the form.

    3. We will notify you, via email, when your project arrives.

    4. When your project is completed: If you included your credit card informationon the order form (optional), we will process your card and send out your project. If you didn't include your credit card info, we will send, via email, an invoice to you with some options on how to pay for your project. You can send a check or money order, pay online or use PayPal. In either case, we will send you the return shipping tracking number when your project ships.

    Question? Contact Us.

    That's it!!

    Available for $39 and guarantee a 48 hour turnaround from the time we receive your recordings. There's a 5 item limit and you should include your credit card info to expidite processing.

    If you have more than 5 items, contact us for a quote.

    ou have any questions.