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Audio Restoration,Tape Repair & Video Transfer Services

LPs, 45s, 78s, Cassette & Micro Tapes, Reel Tapes, DATs, 8 Tracks,
Wire Recordings, Homemade Records, LaserDiscs & ZIP Disks


Audio Restoration and transfer of your favorite LP's, 45's, 78's, reel to reel tapes, cassettes, 8 tracks, wire recordings and homemade records to CD, Flash Drive, or Hard Drive.

Video Transfers of your VHS, VHSC, HI8, MiniDV, Betamax and U-matic videos to DVD, Flash or Hard Drive.

Tape Repair for Cassette Tapes, DATs, Microcassettes and Video Tapes.


How can we help?  Do you have a collection of old LP's that you can't  play because you no longer own a turntable? Have cassette, or reel tapes you can't play? Found an old tape of a family member you would like to pass onto your children? Let us transfer it to CD and make copies for your entire family. Would you like to hear them on your car stereo as well as have those pops, clicks and hiss removed? We can do just that with our sound restoration services.

We specialize in the restoration and transfer of old records and tapes to CD. Those old tapes deteriorate with age, so don't let them get to the point that they are no longer playable. Let us restore those keepsakes and transfer them to a CD, Flash Drive or Hard Drive before it's too late.There's no job to small or to large! No Obligation, Free Estimates.

LP's, 45s, 78s and
Homemade Records

Let us restore and transfer your treasured records to CD, Flash drive or hard drive..We can also clean them up redcuing or emimating pops and click entrily. The transfers will sound better then the records ( Examples ). We also create artwork from the album covers. Here are some Examples. 

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Cassettes, Micros, Reel to Reel,
DATs, 8 Tracks & 
Wire Recordings

We can restore and transfer your treasured Reel to Reels, Cassettes Tapes, 8 Track Tapes, Microcassettes and Wire recordings to CD's that will last a lifetime.

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Video Tapes, LaserDisks &
ZIP Disks and Floppy Disk Transfers

We can restore and transfer your treasured Videos, LaserDics, ZIP Disks and Floppy Disks and put them into a digital format that will last for years.

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Cassette, Microcassette, DAT,
& Video Tape Repair

If your cassette or microcassette tape needs repair, splicing, re-attaching the leader tape to the spindle or replacing the shell, Audio Restorations can make the repair for you at a reasonable price.

| Cassette Repair | Microcassette Repair DAT Tape Repair Video Tape Repair | information.

Tape Baking

A lot of tape manufactured in the mid-to-late 1970's is starting to come out of storage now for re-mixing and re-issue, and engineers are finding that it won't play. The surface of the tape has become gummy and it sticks to the heads andfixed guides of the tape transport, squealing, jerking, and, in extreme cases, slowing down or stopping the tape transport.

This problem has cropped up on all brands of tape, but is nearly always fixable, at least long enough to transfer. Baking the tape is how it's done.

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A Very Satisfied Client

Hello Mark!

Package arrived this morning and I listened to the CD on my favorite reference boom box and it sounded incredible. You did an exquisite job of removing surface/tape noise. It's not every day that one listens to a recording for the first time that one made in 1968 - so I kept my mind open to the experience.

Listening to the recording through my studio monitors only intensified my awareness and appreciation of what a beautiful job you did cleaning up the recording. It's mind blowing in a way - in that it is as if someone took a time machine and traveled back 37 years and recorded the event with a professional DAT machine. I will be printing records to sell to my LP- obsessed fan base in Japan. I will definitely be mentioning Audio Restorations along with your web site in the liner notes.

Audio Restoration Sound Restoration Services
John Parker Compton
(Columbia Recording Artist,           
VMC Records)

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